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Horns for Havana

photos by pelayo (44)_education

In January of 2016, I traveled to Havana, Cuba with the Victor Goines Sextet to teach through the nonprofit Horns for Havana.  Created after the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra traveled to Havana in 2013, the Horns Project has provided instruments to under equipped music schools, has established an instrument repair shop in the city, and is committed to continuing jazz education and cultural exchange.  In April 2016, the big band from La Escuelas Nacionales de Arte (La ENA) performed at Lincoln Center in downtown New York City.

Hot Chef

A Live EP of an intimate performance from February 2015.

Matt Gold, guitar
Nathan Friedman, drums
Tim Bennett, saxophone
Emma Dayhuff, bass

Find the EP at band

Larry Brown Jr. and Colour


Colour came out with a new record in August of 2015.

Featuring original songs written by the prolific Larry Brown Jr. on guitar and organ, the album has the soul of modern R&B with unmistakable roots in Jazz.  Bill Cessna on keyboard and my man, Alfonzo Jones on the drums.   The last track features my vocal debut on record.

Find the album at

Matthew Santos


Matt Santos’  “Into the Further”

Collaborating with Grammy nominated singer and songwriter Matthew Santos along with the ever creative and inspiring drummer Jon Deitemyer was such a joy.  Watch our performance on Audiotree and check out the single “Under the Microscope”.

Find the album and Matt’s other projects at

Grant Ziolkowski

Check out a couple new songs written by exceptionally talented mandolinist Grant Ziolkowski.  Recorded in March 2014 with Grant on mandolin, Starr Moss formerly of the Henhouse Prowlers on guitar, Greg Cahill of Special Consensus on banjo, Ben Sanders on fiddle, and myself on bass, the songs are a delightful mix of irish, bluegrass, and jazz played by some of the most sensitive and masterful musicians I know.

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra: Bruckner and Anthology of Fantastic Zoology


The latest CSO Resound release features Riccardo Muti and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in a compelling performance of Bruckner’s formidable Ninth Symphony. Left unfinished at the time of the composer’s death in 1896, the immense work unfolds with stirring climaxes, daring chromaticism and harmonic richness. It is perfectly executed by the CSO, long-admired for its Bruckner interpretations. The Orchestra also holds the distinction of presenting the American premiere of Bruckner’s Ninth Symphony in 1904. Muti brings remarkable lyricism to this dramatic work in a performance that embodies the exceptional synergy between the distinguished maestro and the CSO.

Recorded live in July 2016 at Orchestra Hall.  Engineered by Emma Dayhuff and produced by Grammy Award winning producer, David Frost.

Anthology of Fantastic Zoology is a 35-minute acoustic work that can be described as a concerto for orchestra, drawing its subject matter from the strange creatures found in Jorge Luis Borges’ book of magical realism by the same title. This 11-movement work contains short musical depictions of fantastic creatures, from sprites, nymphs and sirens, to gryphon, naga (evil snakes) and a Zaratan—an animal which is an island. Between these picture-pieces are transitional movements which take the listener deeper into the forest world that these surreal creatures populate—and further into the night—all culminating in an epic episode with all the creatures in motion at the witching hour just before dawn.  

The music has spunk, mystery, and intensity and the orchestration is constantly inventive. And if I do say so myself, it sounds fantastic!  I’m proud to have been a part of the project.  Check it out!

Recorded live in June 2015 at Orchestra Hall.   Engineered by Emma Dayhuff and contributed to David Frost’s Grammy for producer of the year 2015.